The Complete Guide to Canna Growing Media

The Complete Guide to Canna Growing Media

Nowadays, growing plants, both at home and professionally, requires not only knowledge and experience, but also high-quality soil. Canna, recognized on the international horticultural market, offers various types of substrates, designed specifically for different types of plants and cultivation systems. Whether Canna Terra Professional for soil plants, Canna Coco for coconut crops, or even Canna Aqua for hydroponic systems - each product is designed to provide optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants. In this article, we will look at various Canna media, their uses, advantages and dosage recommendations.

Canna Terra Profesional Soils

Why is it worth choosing Canna soil?

One of the main reasons why gardeners and plant breeders around the world choose substrates from Canna is their high quality and reliability. These products are the result of years of research and experience, which guarantees that they meet the highest standards. They are also designed with the diverse needs of plants in mind, offering solutions for both amateurs and professionals. A properly selected substrate can significantly affect the health, growth and yield of plants, which makes choosing Canna products an investment in the success of your crop. Additionally, Canna offers a wide range of products, which allows you to select the perfect substrate for your specific needs, whether in soil, coconut or hydroponic cultivation. Thanks to this, when choosing substrates from Canna, you can be sure that you are getting a product that was created to optimize conditions for your plants.

Substrates and soils offered by CANNA company.

Choosing the right substrate is one of the most important stages in preparing for growing plants. Canna offers a wide range of substrates that have been designed to meet the various requirements of growers, both amateur and professional. Below is a brief overview of the available products:

  • Canna Terra Professional: A versatile, nutrient-rich soil medium, perfect for a wide range of soil-grown plants. Provides good breathability and water retention.
  • Canna Terra Professional Plus: An advanced version of Terra Professional, offering an improved blend of organic and mineral ingredients for even better growing results.
  • Canna Coco Professional Plus: Coconut-based substrate, ideal for coco systems. Designed to support healthy root development and efficient nutrient absorption.
  • Canna Coco Natural: A less advanced version of the coco medium, but still offering high quality and versatility in cultivation.
  • Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles: Clay balls intended for hydroponic systems and as an addition to soil substrates. They support breathability and water retention.
  • Canna Bio Terra Plus: Organic substrate, created for growers who prefer ecological cultivation methods. Free from harmful substances and rich in nutrients.
  • Canna Seedmix: A specialized substrate designed for the sowing and germination phases, providing optimal conditions for young plants.

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