How to choose LED grow light for plants? Beginners guide

How to choose LED grow light for plants? Beginners guide

When choosing LED lamps for plants, it is worth paying attention to a few factors that will help you find the best solution for your growing needs. Here are a few tips:

Type of plant:

Consider the needs of your plants - identifying the type of plants you plan to grow is key, as different plants have different light requirements. For example, flowering plants need more light than herbs or lettuce. Therefore, before buying, it is worth considering whether the lamp will be used for growing ornamental plants, vegetables, or herbs. Another important thing is the stage in which the plants are - the demand for light also depends on whether we are dealing with a seedling or a flowering plant.

Size of the growing space:

Measure the area where you will grow plants - the size of your growing space will determine how many and how large LED lamps you will need. Determining the number of plants will also be important, as they should be evenly lit, which will also affect the choice of the lamp.

Choosing a LED grow light for plants:

  • Power (wattage): The power of a LED lamp is important because it determines how much electricity is consumed. Although power is not a direct indicator of light intensity, higher power can provide more light, but it is also worth looking at other lamp parameters. Knowing the power will also help you understand the energy costs associated with using the lamp. In short, the lamp power (W) is the simplest way to compare different LED lamp models to each other.
  • Light spectrum of LED light: Plants grow best at a specific light spectrum. LED lamps offer different light spectra that can be adapted to different plant growth phases - from germination to flowering. When choosing an LED lamp, it is worth paying attention to whether it offers a full spectrum of light or whether the light spectrum can be adjusted according to the needs of the plants. Currently, manufacturers are moving away from producing lamps for specific light spectra in favor of full spectrum (Full Spectrum LED lamps) which makes it easier to choose and increases the versatility of the lamp.
  • Manufacturer: Choosing a reputable brand can be beneficial because well-known brands typically offer better quality and reliability, as well as better customer service and warranties. Our recommended manufacturers are Grow The Jungle, Lumatek, Mars Hydro, and Spider Farm. For people looking for LED lighting for plants at home, the best choice will be Verticana - light is less annoying due to the white colour and focusing lenses.
  • Additional features: When choosing an LED lamp for plants, it is worth paying attention to additional features that can make growing easier. Power adjustment allows you to adjust the amount of light to the needs of the plants, Bluetooth control allows you to control the lighting using a smartphone, and the options to turn on UV and infrared light can further support plant development and resistance. These additional features can significantly improve the comfort and efficiency of cultivation, while providing plants with optimal conditions for growth and flowering.

Checking the LED grow lamp specifications

The next step after determining what type of LED lamp we are looking for will be to calculate the light demand for our crop. Our Lumen light / PAR calculator | Growbox calculator will be useful for this. Compare the results from the calculator with the specifications of the lamps of the manufacturer we are interested in. It will be good if these results will be slightly higher than the values from the calculator - this will give us the confidence that the chosen lamp will be right for us.

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